Experiences To Make You A Pro
Experiences To Make You A Pro
Experiences To Make You A Pro
  • Experience iconic destinations & tracks with fully equipped crew
  • Guided by KTM Experts for Trails, Tarmac and Tracks
  • Ride with an exclusive group of KTM riders

Adventure begins when you get out of your comfort zone. Choose your adventure!

  • Tours
  • Academy
  • Trails
Adventure Tours
Explore the less-travelled, adventurous route to breath-taking destinations.
7 Marquee Tours | 7/10/14 Days
Goa Adventure Tour
Get consumed by the wanderlust while you discover hidden beaches, waterfalls and forests and experience the wilderness of western terrain.
Konkan Adventure Tour
Experience the twisty ghats and silent hills of Sahyadris through a specially curated route leading right till Goa, The Pearl Of The Orient.
Kinnaur Adventure Tour
Get set for an unforgettable journey through one of the oldest and most iconic trade routes of the world - The Indo-Tibetan trade route with unseen, unexplored trails!
Sikkim Adventure Tour
Check the North-East off your bucket list by riding through the winding roads and treasure chest for offroad trails.
West Coast Adventure Tour
Discover the picturesque and spellbinding beauty of the west coast till Varkala like never before! 
Adventure Academy
Closed-circuit off-road training program designed by KTM Adventure Experts
Adventure Trails
Single-day adventure rides on special trails curated and led by KTM Adventure Experts

Redefine your riding the KTM way. Choose your thrill!

  • Power Rides
  • Pro Getaways
  • Urban Escapes
Power Rides
A fun-loaded, breath-taking ride to iconic destinations led by KTM Experts.
7 Marquee Rides | 4 Days
Darjeeling Power Ride
Experience the spectacular views from impressive heights of the Himalayas.
Kolli Hills Power Ride
Find your groove by riding on adrenaline-pumping 70 hairpin bends of Kolli Hills.
Ranthambore Power Ride
A ride that that will take you away from the hassle of our busy lives and into the domain of the Tiger.
Konkan Power Ride
Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of the western ghats with an ecstatic ride along the western coast of India.
Gir Power Ride
Make your way through scenic views, forests, small towns and villages on the outskirts of Gujarat.
Konark Power Ride
A thrilling coastal ride through highways, villages and forests to the famous Sun Temple.
Kanyakumari Power Ride
Ride along the coastal belt and through the famous backwaters of Kerala.
An exclusive single-day ride for 250cc and 390cc owners, packed with tarmac fun.
Urban Escapes
Experience tarmac thrills on morning rides every third Sunday of the month

Faster. Stay on the motorcycle. Hit the apex. Accelerate. Lean. Brake as late as possible.

  • Track Day
Track Days
One glorious day of learning how to race like a pro, taught by the masters of the track.
BIC Track Day
Learn with classroom-based and track sessions on racing basics, cornering, racing lines and advanced techniques
MMRT Track Day
Learn with classroom-based and track sessions on racing basics, cornering, racing lines and advanced techniques

Upcoming Events

Adventure Academy

Pune, Guwahati, Bangalore, Cochin, Kolkata

KTM Adventure Trails

Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad


Bangalore, Guwahati, Mumbai, Ranchi, Chennai, Coimbatore

Goa Adventure Tour

20 - 26 Dec 21

Konkan Adventure Tour

20 - 26 Dec 21

Completed Events

Great Ladakh Adventure Tour​

21 Aug 21

Kolli Hills Power Ride

18 - 22 Feb 21

Konark Power Ride

18 Feb 21

Kanyakumari Power Ride

18 - 22 Feb 21

West Coast Adventure Tour

15 - 18 Feb 21
Our KTM Experts
  • Nilesh Dhumal
    Nilesh Dhumal

    Off-road Motorcycle Instructor, Accomplished Mountain Bike Racer

  • Varad More
    Varad More

    Head Trainer -21 Enduro Park. A talented motorcycle journalist and influencer | KTM Adventure Expert

  • Ouseph Chacko
    Ouseph Chacko

    Founder and Instructor -The School of Dirt. Ex-Auto journalist with 14 years of experience | KTM Adventure Expert

  • Philippe Geelhand
    Philippe Geelhand

    Founder, Off-road Instructor -PP Adventure Rides. 20+ years of experience in international off-road motorcycling competitions | KTM Adventure Expert

  • Emmanuel Jebaraj
    Emmanuel Jebaraj

    Founder, Gusto Racing India -Racing school accredited by FMSCI. 7-time National Racing Champion | KTM Street Expert

  • Rish John George
    Rish John George

    Manager and Asst. Instructor- The School of Dirt. A die-hard adventure rider with over 15+ years of experience | KTM Adventure Expert

  • Sangram Patil
    Sangram Patil

    Head Trainer, 21 Enduro Park

  • Vijendra Nilagiri
    Vijendra Nilagiri

    Sr. Trainer, Big Rock Dirt Park. Senior off-road instructor, with a wide range of experience on dirt, adventure and flat track bikes | KTM Adventure Expert

Experts Speak

'At the Pro-XP events, true to the spirit of KTM, you are always competing… Competing with yourself, to become a better biker than what you were yesterday. That's what being a Pro is all about. We are here to help you to show the way. Are you ready to begin the pursuit?

- Ouseph Chacko,  KTM Adventure Expert

'With the KTM Pro-XP, we have set out to transform our KTM riders into Pro-Bikers. We have specially curated experiences to iconic destinations where the focus is on imparting specific riding skills to our riders.

- Philippe Geelhand,  KTM Adventure Expert

'When you buy a KTM you not only get a true blue high-performance motorcycle, but you get exclusive access to a world of Pro-Experiences which have been specially designed to help you make the most of the bike.

- Emmanuel Jebaraj,  KTM Street Expert

'If you’ve wanted to perfect the art of trail riding, there’s never been a better opportunity.

- Rish John George,  KTM Adventure Expert

KTM Pro-XP is a great program for riders who crave for experiences through which they can explore their true biking potential by making the best use of their bike.

- Varad More,  KTM Adventure Expert

Through KTM Pro-XP, riders can be a part of community of like-minded bikers while getting access to complete riding experiences across track, tarmac and trails, all under one roof.

- Nilesh Dhumal,  KTM Adventure Expert