Please check all the information given is correct. Physical verification will be done on spot and in case of a mismatch, participation will be canceled and fee will be fortfeited

  1. That I have attained the age of majority and am competent to give this Undertaking cum Indemnity.
  2. That I am participating in KTM event organized by a 3rd party vendor from KTM Showroom to the Destination confirmed to me with my free will.
  3. That I represent and assure that I am possessing the necessary technical, safety and all relevant skills, having competent, possessing all necessary Legal and valid licences required for Riding of the KTM bike. I hold company harmless and indemnified in this regard
  4. That participation in ride is my own free and intentional act and I am aware that possible physical injury might occur to me during the test ride, in case any accident or any untoward incident occurred by which I sustain any injury to my body or cause death or damage to any third party, myself or my legal heir, as the case may be, shall not hold the Dealer/Company responsible and indemnify Company for any such injury, death or damage nor the Company shall be liable for any payments. This clause is incorporated with a specific understanding that in the event of any such untoward incident, the Company will would not be saddled with any liability or responsibility of Civil and/ or Criminal nature.
  5. That I would follow all the safety instructions and will ride with all the standard safety gears required for riding the sports bike on the route as per instructions provided to me. Further, I acknowledge that a helmet is mandatory for this activity and will wear one as a condition of participation and will abide by all traffic rules during ride.
  6. That I would ride my bike on road with utmost care and will refrain from exhibiting from any kind of stunts (like stoppie, Wheelies, burnouts or any other) while participating in the KTM Ride.
  7. I will follow all the basic guidelines of safety and hygiene in the present COVID- 19 situation and if anything happens to me company/ dealer will not be responsible for any liability.